“See and treat” is a procedure that can be used to both diagnose and treat in various conditions and abnormalities. This procedure allows the doctor to look inside your uterus with a tool called a hysteroscope.
We offer various innovative solutions including a unique patent, the smallest mini-hystero-resectoscope in the world.

A device from TONTARRA MEDICAL, which provides the surgeon with an ease of use for hysteroscopy and resectoscopy with no need for dilation or damage at the cervical canal. 
This patent enables to take a tissue sample (biopsy), remove polyps or fibroid tumors without any anesthesia at all, with minimum post operative pains.


When a myomectomy or hysterectomy is performed in some cases it will have to include laparoscopic tissue morcellation.
For these cases we carry "More-Cell-Safe", the latest generation system that can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected cancer cell scatter during laparoscopic morcellation. Small pieces of tissue, cell particles and fluids, resulting from morcellation, are isolated in a closed, cell-safe system.


For laparoscopic myomectomy or hysterectomy, we offer the I-cut a unique morcellator indicated for surgical gynecology procedures. I-Cut is a single-use laparoscopic morcellator for Gynecological use with reliable high cutting performance.


Intrauterine fibrosis and adhesions can develop after abortion and or other surgical trauma.
During procedures with a high-risk of adhesions, the use of anti-adhesion substances are current promising measures to preserve peritoneal and endometrial function.
MATEREGEN GEL – is anti-adhesion gel, the only pure hyaluronic acid-based gel on the market that is 100% absorbable in the human body.

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