Respiratory Care

Dominant in respiratory innovative technology, we play a role in many areas, our team is highly experienced and includes a respiratory technologists and marketing experts. 
Clinical service based on high quality standards allow us to be accessible for the medical staff and the home care patient.

MDI technology

metered dose inhaler Innovative techniques to use with your inhaler and ensure your medicine goes directly to the lungs.


InHealth Technologies® offers a TOTAL Solution for your total laryngectomy from pre- to post-op and beyond
InHealth Technologies®, a business unit of Freudenberg Medical, develops, manufactures, and distributes Blom-Singer® voice restoration and ENT products worldwide.
Dedicated to the voice restoration market for over 40 years, the company’s hallmark continues to be product design dedicated to patient health, safety and comfort.


Teleflex's extraordinarily diverse range of high-quality tubes featuring highly stable yet thin walls, offer the healthcare customer optimal solutions from acute medicine and OR, through the ENT area to the demands of long-term and short-term tracheostomy.


The MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device from Teleflex is a safe and painless way to deliver medications with rapid absorption across mucosal membranes to your patients' blood stream without an intravenous line.

Pulse Oximeter

Indirect measurements through oximetry (SpO2) is a fast, easy, non-invasive way of measuring blood oxygen saturation without the need of invasive and expensive atrial blood gas sampling.
Cerebral and tissue (regional) oximetry systems measure rSO2 is also a gold standard in current monitoring solutions.


Waveform capnography measures the partial pressure of Carbon dioxide detected at the end of exhalation.

A complete line of airway and respiratory management products for use in Acute Care, Prehospital/Emergency Medicine, and Home Care Markets.
Products – Pulmodyne – Anesthesia, EMS, and Respiratory products

Transforming how respiratory care is delivered and experienced
The Hudson RCI portfolio is considered the gold standard within the respiratory space.

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