Trupharm represents Dermal, a British company, with well-established over-the counter therapyies, for dermatology.

Anhydrole forte

Another well-familiar and established product by Dermal laboratories is a roll-on bottle for the treatment of excessive sweating of the armpits, hands or feet. The active ingredient, Aluminum Chloride hexahydrate, reduces sweating by blocking sweat ducts in the skin and provides a deodorant action by killing the Bacteria that cause body odur.)
From Dermal, a British company this over-the counter treatment has high rates of success in overcoming a common and unbearable impairment, that disrupts the lives of numerous man and women all over the world.
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POUND international ltd

For the past 25 years, Trupharm has been representing POUND international ltd, a British companythat carries uhnique solutions.

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