Capital Equipment

Capital equipment carries the range of reusable equipment and electronic devices from a variety of leading companies in the world. 
The field includes solutions for E.N.T, Urology, surgery, Gyn and more. In our capital division you will find a variety of endoscopic equipment, advanced 4K technology Lap and Endoscopy towers, rigid and flexible Endoscopes and hand instruments.

Endoscopic towers

Microscopes for E.N.T, Colposcopes, chairs and suctions for Gyn and E.N.T

A gereman manufactured technologies for ENT, that provide newest solutions in Video-Endoscopy Medicine, such as: videoscopes, otoscopes, fiber endoscopes, portable devices and accessories.

Dr. Langer GmbH is an German company established in 1996 and specializes on nerve stimulation monitoring for use in E.N.T and Neurosurgery such as Thyroid, Carotid and Spine. it offers state of the art Monitors and an generic consumable electrodes. Today, the current models TWISTER®️ MM and AVALANCHE®️ SI 2 along with the new multimodal 32-channel flagship AVALANCHE®️ PLUS are already well on the way to continue this success story.

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