General Surgery

Topical glue for skin closure.

We represent Chemence, an American Company, one of the most advanced technologically advanced-companies in the world for adhesive solutions. "Exofin", the new formulation of synthetic glue for skin closure is proven to be very effective for many procedures and treatments. Our glue has strong capabilities, highly flexible and creates an anti-microbial barrier against clinically relevant pathogens. 


We offer a full line solution of hemostatic products to cover all the surgical needs.
GELITA MEDICAL GmbH is specialized in manufacturing innovative and absorbable hemostats.
All Gelita's product ranges have been proven in practice worldwide and preferred by surgeons, and medical staff because of their easy handling, biodegradability, safety and reliability

Staplers have become a superior solution in minimally invasive surgical procedures and operations. A gold standard in the laparoscopic field.
We are proud to present the next step in Powered Stapling, providing exceptional superior quality, versatility, intuitive ease of use, safety, and technological advancement. 
We strive to go above and beyond the standard quality of care and this is the reason we have decided to partner with FULBRIGHT Staplers, the best of the new Technology and the unforeseen.
FULBRIGHT is providing stapler availability in all shaft sizes, cartridge textures and colors by Physician’s need and preference


We are proud to represent an Israeli innovation in the treatment line of Hernia.
FasTouch is the only suture-like solution to provide reliable fixation in soft-tissue repair. By using the holding power and reliability of the closed-loop design, surgeons can be confident that the mesh adheres to abdominal walls during the crucial first few weeks post-surgery for healing to take place.

Disposable O.R Equipment

We offer a variety of disposable equipment for minimally invasive surgeries and for the sterile O.R field from Unimax
Unimax is a pioneer and a leading manufacturer in minimally invasive surgeries also known as the OEM / ODM partner of first tier suppliers.

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