Barimil comes both in the chewable form for the first few months after surgery and in the pill form for ingestion. It contains 24 vitamins and minerals, is gluten and lactose free. Barimil is available and sold in all local pharmacies and is part of the leading health care project activities of Trupharm in the private and home care market.


Staplers have become a superior solution in minimally invasive surgical procedures and operations. A gold standard in the laparoscopic field.
We are proud to present the next step in Powered Stapling, providing exceptional superior quality, versatility, intuitive ease of use, safety, and technological advancement. 
We strive to go above and beyond the standard quality of care and this is the reason we have decided to partner with FULBRIGHT Staplers, the best of the new Technology and the unforeseen.
FULBRIGHT is providing stapler availability in all shaft sizes, cartridge textures and colors by Physician’s need and preference

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