About Trupharm

Established in January 1983, located in the center of Israel, the city of Netanya. Trupharm is one of the leading companies dedicated to premium healthcare solutions.

The company carries innovative technologies both in Pharmaceuticals and medical device . Over the years we have become a home for the top leading international companies providing all of the needed services to succeed in the Israeli medical market.

With an experienced team of leaders that has the knowledge and the know-how of doing business in Israel we are growing Truphram together with our partners.
Through ongoing collaboration with all medical professionals and organizations in Israel, we identify clinical needs and translate them into proven products.
Our capabilities allow us to tailor a unique program for each company that partners with us.


Trupharm Group

The group consists of 4 companies in the Medical Business, each, with its own focus.


PharmaSept manufacture sterile surgical equipment and robotics covers, with more than 25 years of experience.
The company manufacture and distribute a large variety of sterile surgical equipment covers products, with numerous variations delivered in accordance with customer needs.
All of the products adhere to strict international quality standards (FDA cleared and have the CE Mark) and are manufactured in accordance with ISO.


TrueMed is the local partner for global innovators in pharmaceutiacls key specialties.
TrueMed today is the premier provider of therapeutic options for rare and ultra-rare conditions.
Personalized Medicine - TrueMed markets multiple therapies which are dependent on unique biomarkers.
Undefined Conditions –TrueMed has successfully commercialized multiple therapies that required this extra layer of development, through precisely orchestrated cross-functional work and innovative approaches and tactics to market education


TMS is a Trupharm company evolved order to meet the challenge of high quality distribution in our local market. As TMS grew and developed its own range of disposable products under the TMS brand, we began our export activity.
TMS specializes in manufacturing and distribution of innovative single use products. These products are used in operating rooms in hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.

Our Team

Trupharm was established 40 years ago by Arie Koren who gathered around himself a team of leaders in their field. Highly skilled and experienced management, all with more than 20 years in the medical industry in Israel

Arie Koren

Founder & CEO

Lioz Brill

Deputy CEO

Raya Schwartz

V.P. of Quality Assurance

Yaron Lubovsky

V.P. of Medical Device and Nutrition

Eyal Morris

Respiratory Division Manager

Gaby Pohoriles

Anesthesia Division Manager

Einav Zauber

Pharmaceutical Division Manager

Yael Koren

Customer Service Manager

Ilan Baribo

Capital Product Manager

Yosi Rogel

Operations Manager

Logistic Solutions is highly important to all our partners.

Our ambition is to improve strategic partners' results by offering a comprehensive range of customized services that will add value to their business.
The company has a designated, highly advanced logistic center that aligns with all regulation requirements.

Quality assurance skilled team allows the company to carry both pharmaceutical and medical products in compliance with GXP regulatory requirements and ISO.

Along with our commitment to the healthcare providers comes great responsibility to the quality of our products and the quality of life for all patients.
Trupharm's strategic vision is to take substantial measures to ensure maximum quality, safety and performance, meeting the requirements of the company.


As one of our main imperatives we are committed to implement an intensive search process in order to identify breakthrough medical and pharmaceutical innovations that address unmet clinical needs. 
With a growing demand for life-saving solutions, we continuously strive to reach unique solutions that will allow to expand patient access, improve outcomes and increase therapeutic value for patients across Israel.

Today, we embody the best of both worlds, by acting as a healthcare manufacturer,provider to all medical organizations in Israel, and as partner of leading companies in the world.

Our commitment

We feel privileged to play a role in helping people improve and maintain their health.
We focus our efforts to preserve the well-being of the patients in their everyday lives and improve the quality of care the medical team can provide. 
We will always commit to the finest medical technologies and will constantly seek new paths and improvement in the contribution to the advancement of healthcare.

Our goal is to bring state of the art medical solutions to all of our customers, including patients and all healthcare providersWe challenge ourselves to invest more resources in the new and innovative solutions that will always be the next step for our customers.
We strive to mold our surrounding work environment to make it suitable for all our employees. Our aim is to create a fulfilling workplace that will allow our employees to work with the highest sense of confidence and commitment.

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